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The Digital Companion for your treatment or therapy

Use our digital therapeutics platform to support patients with their treatment protocols.
Evidence based behaviour change leading to greater efficiency and better data to improve patient outcomes.

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Why WeGuide?

Improve protocol adherence

We use scientifically proven behaviour change mechanisms to keep patients motivated. Our apps have protocol adherence rates as high as 94% for treatments lasting 30 days or longer.
The Vitality app, developed for MCRI, asked parents to track vitamin D intake from their child every day for a period of 30 days. The number of parents that completed every entry was 94%.

Remote engagement

Engage with your trial participants remotely to reduce cost and improve the patient experience.
Efficiently measure vital signs, collect PREMs and PROMs data and any other data your trial requires.

Trial 2.0

Go further than the pill. Our apps make Real World Evidence (RWE) Studies and Remote Trials a breeze. Create trials that weren’t possible before and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Engage with your patients like never before

Keep your patients engaged and at home

Improve your Real World Evidence (RWE) studies by switching to a remote trial, saving unnecessary trial visits and costs.  Track essential patient data (including vital signs) through our dashboard. Use the alerting functionality to flag at-risk patients who require attention, so you can focus attention on who needs it.

Better data, better outcomes

Understand the effect of your treatment better with real-time data, personalise treatment protocols and make data-informed decisions based on patient behaviour.

Improve adherence through evidence based behaviour change techniques to improve data quality and patient outcomes.
“The 85% engagement rate at one of our departments was enough to convince us of the impact of WeGuide for Western Health”
Andrea Donnell,
Innovation Manager

Seamless data connection

Whether your product is still in the R&D phase planning for trial or in the market already looking for improvement, WeGuide is here to help. Built with flexibility in mind, WeGuide can connect to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems,  Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems or function as a standalone application.

An overview of our features

Screening & Informed Consent

Use our platform to screen participants and gather informed consent and reduce drop-out. Customise your consent process to suit the requirements of the study.

Wearable integrations

Track patients through wearables to capture vital signs, integrate with Apple Health, or any other platform for seamless, efficient data capture.

Remote monitoring and alerts

WeGuide can report real time data back to your clinical team. Use our alerting functionality to flag at-risk participants. The dashboarding functionality enables quick and easy triaging as well as an overview of all your participants.

Content builder

Use our content builder to customise your participant’s digital pathway. Easily add standarsised questionnaires or build your own.  Create engaging educational materials and any other content your participants need.

iOS, Android and Web application

WeGuide is fully responsive on any device to ensure seamless data collection from participants whenever they need. WeGuide can be built through our native iOS and Android application with offline saving capabilities.

Real time EDC/EMR Integration

Integrate WeGuide straight into your own EDC/EMR. Keep your data all in one place and understand what is happening with your study

Serious about security

Unlike commonly used survey tools, we keep your data in your country and comply with Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), OWASP Healthcare guidelines, Australian Privacy Act, ISO’s and SOC2.

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